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General FAQs about

What is is a directory of online merchants! Have you ever come across an online-auction seller and wondered if they had their own website? Or vice versa? Using, you can find out every place a particular merchant sells online, whether it's on eBay,, Etsy, or a niche site - and of course, the merchant's own website.

The benefits to shoppers are price savings and convenience, since sellers often offer greater selection and reduced prices on their own website or storefront. You can see at a glance where the merchant sells online, which payment methods they accept, and if they are running any special promotions on any of the venues on which they sell.

It's free to use and helps you shop on the venue that is most convenient to YOU.

Who is is published by Steiner Associates LLC (PO Box 668, Natick MA 01760), the same company that has been publishing, the independent trade publication for online merchants, since 1999.

What does a merchant's listing look like?
Click here to see a sample listing.

How can I keep up with news? has an Announcements page where we
blog about what's new at and who is writing about us. You can subscribe to the RSS feed for the Announcements page, or visit regularly to get all the news!

FAQs for Shoppers

Why should I use
To make online shopping more convenient for you! As more sellers go "multi-channel," you can find sellers with whom you have done business before, or find new sellers. You can see at a glance which payment methods merchants accept and the promotions they are running on their various sites. Browse alphabetically by merchant name, browse by category or latest listings, or search by merchant name. 

As a savvy shopper, use to:
  1. Find a favorite seller
  2. Find out if your favorite seller offers lower pricing on their own websites or other venues
  3. Find out if your favorite seller offers a broader selection of merchandise on their own website or other venues
  4. Find out what promotions sellers are offering on each of the venues on which they sell
  5. See at a glance which payment methods merchants accept of various sites
  6. Find new sellers by searching for a product or browsing categories
  7. Use as a research tool to learn more about sellers, their reputations, and where they are listing their products!

Do you verify sellers?
No. We require sellers to register for the site and then submit their directory listings - but this is seller-generated content. We do our best to keep out spammers from the directory, but simply tells you where to find sellers. Once you arrive at their website or the marketplaces on which they sell, you should research sellers and their items just as you normally would.

What if I don't know the exact name of my favorite seller?
Check your records for the last time you bought from them and search for them by name. You can also peruse merchants through our alphabetical list, or browse by category.

FAQs for Merchants

How do I add my business to the directory?
Click on the Register link and fill out the form. Once your registration is approved, you will receive an email with a link to a page where you can enter your directory listing. (Be sure to check any email filters so you receive your confirmation.) Once your listing is approved, it will appear in the directory.

May I select multiple categories?
Yes. We ask you to choose a primary category that best represents what you sell online - this cannot be changed. You may also select two additional categories if you choose.

Will my directory listing be searchable within the site?
Yes. The search engine looks for every word in your listing in the Business Name and Description and Keywords fields.

Will my directory listing be picked up by search engines like Google and Yahoo?
Yes, Google, Yahoo and other search engines will find your listings in!

What kind of keywords should I enter in the Keywords field?
Use keywords that are relevant to your selling activity; think about what terms a shopper might enter to find sellers in your category. Keywords must not violate any person or entity's intellectual property.

Is there a way to let buyers know my terms, refund policy, or which payment methods I accept?
We do not have a field for sellers to include their policies, since they may vary depending on where you sell. However, you may use your description to enter any information that you feel is important for buyers to know. The directory is best used to display all the sites on which you sell so that visitors can go to those sites and learn more about your terms and policies there.

Is there a way to let buyers know which payment methods I accept?
Yes! When you create your directory listing, you can indicate which payment methods you accept for each of your venues.

Can I update or revise my listing?
Yes! We encourage you to update your listing often to keep the content fresh and interesting to users. The directory listing allows you to advertise sales and promotions you are running on any or all of the venues on which you sell - be sure and take advantage of this marketing opportunity.

Why do you have both eBay and eBay Stores in the drop-down box? Should I do both?
We want to give shoppers the most accurate and useful information about how and where they can find you on the Internet. You may link to your eBay Store in the eBay Stores section, and link to your About Me page or current items for sale in your eBay section. (Note that it doesn't make sense to link to your eBay Stores in both sections, as it can be frustrating to shoppers.)

May I use a referral or tracking code to URLs, such as eBay's Stores Referral Credit?
Yes, when you link to your website, storefront or the venue on which you sell, you may use special codes. For example, eBay gives
Store owners credits for driving outside traffic to their Stores. As long as the URL leads to your store or listings, you may code them the way you wish. Some eBay sellers tell us they save a lot of money through eBay's referral program, so be sure to look into it!

What is the "promotion" field for under each site in my listing?
If you run marketing promotions on any of the sites on which you sell, you can advertise the promotions in your listing. This is ideal since you can specify on which site you are running the promotion. Here are some examples of what you might see in merchants' Promotion field:

"Free shipping this month on domestic orders"
"10 percent discount on all widgets"
"50% off shipping when you buy two or more items in the same category"
"5% off purchases of $100 or more"

Some merchants provide a code that buyers must use during the checkout process in order to get the special pricing; the code helps the merchant figure out where the buyer read about them. For example, you might say:
"Free shipping in October if you use the code EPIS when you check out/"

The promotion field is optional but highly recommended.

Why do you give merchants the option of displaying TrustPlus badges in their listings?
Merchants may choose to display their TrustPlus badge, this is optional. TrustPlus is an independent reputation service provided by TrustPlus Inc., and you can read more about TrustPlus on TrustPlus Inc.'s website. If you have problems with displaying the badge or have questions, you may log in to the merchant forums for help, or send an email to

How can I ensure my links are correct?
We've created a Preview Page where you can test your links. This is VERY important, since the point of creating a listing on is to let people click right through to your storefronts!

With the Preview Page, you can see what your listing will look like before you submit it. After you have created or updated your listing, you'll find a "Preview" link near the bottom of the form. When clicked, it will open a new browser window that will allow you to check your links, view your graphic image, and see if there are any changes you'd like to make. You can make changes to your form and re-preview your listing before submitting.

What are the EPIS Forums?
EPIS forums are available to registered merchants once their directory listing has been approved. You can visit the forums to ask questions, make suggestions and comments, and interact with other merchants. 

How do I log in to the EPIS forums?
Simply log in to, and you'll see a link to "Support Forums" near the top of the page. Click on the link, and you'll be taken to a sign-in page for the forums. Your User Name and Password are the same. (Remember that your User Name is your email address, and that both your User Name and your password are case-sensitive.)

Why does my listing expire in 120 days?
In order for the directory to remain up-to-date, we request that you go in once a month and update your listing. To ensure that buyers are seeing active, accurate listings, they will expire in 120 days (beginning from the last time you have updated your listing). You will receive a reminder to update your listing before it expires.

What does it mean if my listing expires?
The information will still be in the database, but will not be visible to visitors. Once you log-in, update your listing, and it has been approved, your listing will once again be visible to visitors.

Keeping data fresh with information about where you sell and the promotions you are currently running ensures that visitors will return to to keep track of you, their favorite seller!

FAQs for Merchants - Troubleshooting

How do I change my email address?
You can now change the email address associated with your EPIS listing by clicking on the link at the top of your administration form. (You must be logged in) Enter your existing email address (the one you log in with now) and your new address. Once submitted, you will receive an email with a confirmation link. Click on the link in the email, and your email address will be changed to reflect the new address. Once you have successfully changed your email address, you will access your EPIS account by logging in with your new address, and existing password.

Why doesn't my URL display in the "Visit us online at" section?
You must fill in all the fields, including the field that says "Your Store Name or User ID," otherwise your URL will not be displayed.

This Help & FAQs page was created in August 2008 and will be updated periodically. Last updated October 10, 2008.

Descriptions on listing pages are solely provided by the individual merchant.

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