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February 20, 2009
Perminate Link for EPIS Merchant Fashionphile at the Oscars!   EPIS Merchant Fashionphile at the Oscars!
By: EveryPlaceISell.com
Fri Feb 20 2009
Fashionphile sells luxury brand handbags, and owner Sarah Davis will be sharing her fashion expertise with viewers of E! Entertainment's Oscar pre-show, where she'll talk about the style and trends of bags carried on the Red Carpet. Our sister site AuctionBytes interviewed Sarah to find out how she obtained this fantastic opportunity and about how she got started selling online.

You can see Fashionphile's listing on EveryPlaceIsell.com here, and look for Sarah on Sunday (February 22, 2009) at 6 pm Eastern on E! Entertainment's Oscar pre-show.

Whether you're looking for luxury handbags, books, toys, hair-care products, antiques or collectibles, check EveryPlaceISell.com merchants - "they're all winners!"


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