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January 15, 2009
Perminate Link for EveryPlaceISell and the Basic Green Box   EveryPlaceISell and the Basic Green Box
By: EveryPlaceISell.com
Thu Jan 15 2009
Ecommerce expert Lisa Suttora of WhatDoISell.com sent in this great story about how EveryPlaceISell.com helped her reconnect with a favorite retailer that had closed its brick-and-mortar store and moved online.

There was a cool niche store here in my neighborhood for a couple years called Basic Green Box. They closed last spring and we thought they were moving to a new location, but no one ever really found out where they went. From time to time, their name will come up in conversation and people will say, "I wonder what ever happened to Basic Green Box."

Well the other day I went to AuctionBytes to read the news and the first place I ALWAYS check out is Every Place I Sell. I couldn't believe my eyes! There was the logo I knew so well for Basic Green Box. I quickly clicked on the logo and sure enough, it was the same Basic Green Box store from my neighborhood!

I checked out their store and saw that they have moved their entire business online. Isn't it amazing that after losing track of a fantastic neighborhood store, I found them again on Every Place I Sell?!

It just reinforces what I always tell people - you NEVER know where or how someone will find your store. That's why you should always advertise everywhere you can. And of COURSE you should advertise in EveryPlaceISell.com!!

I immediately contacted a few friends who were equally as excited and I'm sure the ad in EPIS generated new sales for Basic Green Box. It's the 7 degrees of online retail separation.

(Here's the EPIS Basic Green Box listing - happy shopping!)


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