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December 07, 2008
Perminate Link for Top Ten Reasons to Shop Online   Top Ten Reasons to Shop Online
By: EveryPlaceISell.com
Sun Dec 7 2008
There's nothing like shopping from the comfort of home, and new research proves it! Nielsen-Online conducted a survey to see why shoppers buy online. With the current economic downturn, there is an increased focus on price this year, with 53 percent of respondents citing price as a reason to buy online, compared with 46 percent last year.

But consumers continue to cite convenience more than price as the primary value of the channel, with 76 percent of respondents citing the ability to shop 24 hours a day, and 74 percent citing time-saving for why they shop online.

Nielsen-Online recently fielded the survey from November 6-11 among approximately 1,300 online shoppers who did online holiday shopping last year and/or plan to do so this year. The survey revealed that consumers will continue to shift their purchases online for convenience, time saving and competitive pricing this holiday season.

EveryPlaceISell.com has lots of merchants you won't find "at the mall," selling new or handmade, refurbished or high-end. Just pick a category and start persusing, and you'll be filling your virtual shopping cart with unique presents and stocking-stuffers in no time. (And think of the gasoline you'll save!)


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