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Tokyo Stamp Company - Japan, US & Worldwide Stamps

Our goal is to make your stamp shopping experience fast, easy and affordable.

My stamp shop is named Tokyo Stamp Company in honor of my grandfather, who began selling under that name in 1951. He was a well respected stamp dealer for over 30 years, and many of my early childhood memories are of us soaking stamps, sorting stock and attending local meetings and shows.

In 2009, I began selling the remnants of his dealer stock on ebay, and rediscovered my long lost interest in stamps and stamp dealing. Tokyo Stamp Company became an independent online stamp shop in 2011, and provides you with full color images of my available stock, and easy checkout using a cart and secure payment by credit card or your Paypal account.

Come browse and see if you can find something to fill out your collection!

Visit us online at:


Contact Information:
Company Tokyo Stamp Company
Contact Name Alex Romanoff
City Oakland
State CA
Post Code/Zip 94610
Country US
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